Fashion Week in London is The Premier Event for British Designers

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    London Fashion Week Team September 2009 - The pressure is already building for the spring / summer to get ready for what could be a program of success or failure. The biggest fashion retailers understand that despite the crisis is a group that are the main customers, and will always buy new and exciting. New window appears regularly refreshing content is one of the ways that retailers can continue to attract customers to buy.

    Provisional dates for fashion week in London are 18 to 22 September and the place is Somerset House of the Strand, a really beautiful place, complementing the vibrant fashion on the catwalk.

    After Fashion Week in New York and ahead of Milan and the fashion week in Paris, the London Fashion Week is a biennial event is a must for the fashion industry. Boost trade and press for the positions of both enjoy and discover the latest innovations and trends that adorn the most popular shops of fashion and disappear without a trace.

    Organized by the British Fashion Council, fashion week in London is the premier event for British designers try to promote their designs to a worldwide audience. Various schemes have been created to help the brightest young talents of the best for a catwalk show at the houses of fashion.

    BFC New Generation is a program that is sponsored by Top Shop and supports young designers show during Fashion Week in London. Estethica is sponsored by Monsoon and supports collections that are based on ethical or ecological or organic. Fashion forward with the sponsorship of Westfield London and supports British designers who have made their mark during Fashion Week in London. It is a scheme that has helped some of the best designers in the UK have been established.

    Persons wishing to attend the specific track shows outside of the trade and the press can do at the discretion of individual designers. During the week, more than 200 British and international fashion and accessory designers are works that have been kept secret until the day of the fair.

    Fashion Week in London after weekend is the fashion of London, which is a very popular event, where anyone who likes high fashion clothing and can get up close and personal with fashion brands and clothes shopping thinned price. During the event, fashion and beauty experts are on hand to give advice.

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Fashion Week in London is The Premier Event for British Designers

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